While not everyone can adopt, there are always other ways to help our rescues.

For a minimum amount of P1,000 per Rescue (roughly $20 / €20), you can already sponsor a rescue of your choice for a whole month! This amount covers the rehabilitation of the rescue while waiting to be adopted and other expenses such as rescue operations and shelter needs.

Our rescues below are all still open for Sponsorship. Once you have chosen your preferred rescue, kindly fill out the Sponsor-A-Rescue Form. Our Volunteers will then process the donation and will send you a Certificate of Sponsorship. And if you agree, we will also feature your name on the dog’s Adoption posting!

If you are unable to find the name of the rescue you want to sponsor, you can still fill out the form and just put a note on the “Name of Rescue” field.

For questions, you can message us via Facebook & Instagram or email our Sponsorship Committee: sponsorships@pawssionproject.org