While not everyone can adopt, there are always other ways to help our rescues.

For a minimum amount of P1,000 per Rescue (roughly $20 / €20), you can already sponsor a rescue of your choice for a whole month! This amount covers the rehabilitation of the rescue while waiting to be adopted and other expenses such as rescue operations and shelter needs.

We always try to find ways to make it easier for our Supporters to be part of this life-changing Mission. Which is why we are so excited to share our new System for setting up Rescue Sponsorships! Instead of having to manually fill out our Sponsorship Form every month, you can just set up your recurring donation via our HelixPay Storefront. You will then get an e-Certificate confirming the start of your Sponsorship. And don’t worry, One-Time Sponsorships are still accepted!

Our dream has always been to find a Sponsor for each of our Rescues. We need 500 People to sponsor at least 1 Rescue each to cover our Shelter Operations costs. Will you be part of the 500 Heroes this month?

For questions, you can message us via Facebook & Instagram or email our Sponsorship Committee: sponsorships@pawssionproject.org