The journey to their furever home starts here.

This is no ordinary race. We stand at the starting line of a race like no other – ‘RUN FOR their HOME.’ But we aren’t competitors. Our goals are aligned and our hearts beating in unison for a collective triumph. We’re driven by a force far beyond ourselves – a shared purpose, a common goal. We run united, not as competitors, but as ADVOCATES.

Our finish line? It’s far more than a mere physical mark. It’s the collective journey towards a profound PROMISE – a promise of safety, of security, and of their permanent furever HOME. This promise isn’t for us, it’s for the voiceless animals who’s known a life of hardship. It’s for the innocent rescues who’ve borne the weight of neglect and abuse, and are now on the brink of losing their home.

This is no ordinary run. This is a race for hope, a race for love, a race to secure a permanent shelter, a home, and a sanctuary for our rescues at the PAWssion Project Bulacan Shelter.

The race is a fundraising activity for us to find and build a permanent shelter for our rescue dogs and cats. It also aims to increase public awareness about the plight of these animals and the importance of providing them with a loving, caring environment.

One run can change a life. Imagine the difference we can make when we all run together.

RUN FOR HOME 2023s a self-paced Virtual Run from September 1 – 30, 2023. This means that you don’t have to finish the run in just one day. You can even log the daily walks you already do with your pets and it will count!  🙌

Our race is their race. Our finish line is their new beginning.

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