“The two most important days in our lives are the day we were born, and the day we find out why.”

 And we cannot be more thankful to have discovered the day we found out why. This is us. The real us. We are ordinary people, with regular jobs, families to keep, human and fur babies to feed and look after, people who also get hurt and grow tired and exhausted, but our common goal to help the voiceless is what keeps us together and make us strong.

The burden is now lighter because our family is bigger, stronger. We are hoping our stories and testimonials below will encourage others to consider Volunteering and to join us in this roller coaster ride. At the end of the day, we can all, always, do something.


Arianna Oabel

Volunteer Vets, Stray Feeding

“I’ve only been a volunteer for a short time, but I’m already experiencing how proactive Pawssion is. This group inspires me to help the voiceless as much as I can.”

Jubilee Balonkita

Volunteer Vets, Stray Feeding

“It is up to us, as stewards of all creation, to take care of these animals. Pawssion Project has paved the way for volunteers, such as myself, to be one step closer to achieving that purpose.”

Kat Catacutan

Creatives Committee Lead, Adoption

“Eventually, you will find something in your life that is worth giving your time and effort. Lucky for me, I found it with dogs.”

Matthew Andan

Creatives, Events, Research

“Since I joined Pawssion Project, a lot of things have changed: I became more conscious about meeting deadlines, had to patiently back-read hundreds, sometimes thousands of messages in our group chats… but it’s all worth it, especially if there’s chismis (hehe), discovering what our rescues like (PANDESAL and HOTDOGS!), socializing, and etc. But my overall experience was PAWSomeeeeee! I’m so grateful to be part of this PAWSitive Team!”

Jhecka Sabater

Adoption, Creatives, Stray Feeding

“Even though I cannot physically be with the rescues, I’m thankful that I get to help them in some way.”

Anica Tiu

Adoption, Creatives

“Being a Pawssion Volunteer has been the most rewarding volunteer experience I’ve ever had. Pawssion Project continues to tremendously help me become the person I aspire to be.”

Yvon Louise Tinaja

Social Media Committee Lead, Sponsorship

“A volunteer but willing to be a musketeer to fight for the animal rights and lives. Joining Pawssion Project is like a roller coaster ride but I bet tickets would always be sold out!”

Riri Pacaanas

Social Media, Rescue

“Pawssion Project allows me to live out my life slogan: #HumansForAnimals. I joined in honor of my dog Kimba, who first taught me what I am able to continuously learn and realize as a volunteer of this organization; that caring for animals inspires the qualities in humans that are needed to heal the world: empathy, selfless service, and love.”

Jasmine May Sabado

Adoption, Admin/Research, Fostering, Events, Partners

“The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.”

Che Yambot

Relief, Vets, Internal Initiative, Admin

“Becoming a Pawssion Project Volunteer has really helped change my mindset for the better. There are times when it can get emotionally draining but it has been the most fulfilling work I have ever done in my life. This advocacy has become a new drive and life purpose for me!”

Ish Rodriguez

Website Lead, Adoption & Fostering

“Pawssion is definitely the best stepping stone towards becoming an active member of society, with all the projects centered on the value of inclusivity and compassion. Truly a heart-opening experience.”

Char Yllano

Admin & Research Committee Lead

“Helping voiceless creatures in the smallest thing become great when done with love.”

Claine Decatoria

Social Media

“Lahat ng mga animals na nangangailangan, sisikapin matulungan at mapasaya at makahanap ng totong true love. Sa maikling buhay ng mga dogs and cats sinisigurado ng Pawssion na hanggang huli safe at minamahal sila ng furparent nila. Iloveyou all dogs and cats.”

Erica Maligaya

Adoption, Events, Strayfeeding

“Doing volunteer work really changed my life completely. Back then, I could not take seeing pictures of dogs and cats being mistreated by people, it was so painful to me. But as time passed, I knew that I had to do something about it, I had to face all of those painful scenarios that happens every single day. That was why I started advocating for animal welfare here in the Philippines, by means of supporting different organizations in line with it. I also took the chance to become a volunteer for Pawssion Project, to be able to do more and help more animals who are in need. With PAWSsion, I have definitely found my purpose in life. Couldn’t imagine myself leaving this team forever, they are indeed my family.”

Yanna Mendoza

Adoption, Sponsorship, Social Media, Website

“Bone tired but Heart happy!”

Erica Jane Caluban

Volunteer Vets, Events

“With Pawssion Project, it feels like a dream to be part of something that shares the same aspirations as you: by rescuing the lives of those who can’t speak for themselves.”

Glyn Castillo

Creatives, Social Media, Internal Initiatives

“I believe that meaning of life is to find your talents and gifts. The purpose of life is to share it with others, and Pawssion Project gave me an opportunity to share it.”

Geli Sahagun

Social Media

“As a Pawssion volunteer, I fell in love with the content that Pawssion project brings to the table. There are times that it could be educational, heartwarming and overall the best. Being a volunteer in Pawssion has given me a chance to meet new people and gain new experiences. “

Andie Formalejo

Internal Initiatives, Creatives

“Being the voice of the voiceless is never easy, but it’s always worth it. Through Pawssion Project, I am empowered to do more than just sit and watch.”

Dianne Rodriguez

Internal Initiatives Committee Lead

“Seeing the rescues live their best lives just fills my heart, and knowing I helped, makes all the struggles worth it.”

Cathy Hojilla

Adoption Committee Assistant Lead, Fostering