Become a Pawssion Foster Volunteer

Become a Pawssion Foster Volunteer

Become a Pawssion

Foster Volunteer

Everyday, a lot of people reach out to Pawssion Project, asking for help with rescuing strays or animals with emergency cases. We can always help with rescuing, but again, rescuing is just Day 1. It takes time and a lot of preparations for a rescue to be fully ready for adoption. A lot of them still need proper medical attention, rehabilitation and proper socialization, and unfortunately, it is getting hard for us to accommodate new cases at our Shelters.

That’s why we look to Foster Volunteers to care for these rescues on behalf of Pawssion Project.

Foster Volunteers can help us rescue more strays in need and help prepare them for adoption. Foster Homes also provide a temporary safe place for some of our emergency cases: immunocompromised rescues and/or rescues that will recover better outside of a Shelter setting. Foster families can also take care of our rescue kittens and puppies until they are old and big enough for adoption.

Foster Volunteers will become official partners of Pawssion Project. All veterinary care and medication for foster animals will be covered by the organization, as well as a few basic supplies like a bed, collar, bowl and vitamins. Foster homes are just expected to provide food, shelter, time, patience, and lots of love. They will also help introduce basic social skills and basic obedience training to fostered rescues, help advertise our rescues for adoption and help adopters decide whether a fostered rescue is a right fit to their family.

But becoming a Foster Home will also be a committment. You need to have patience and dedication and should have adequate space and time for the rescue. By offering your time, energy and home to an animal in need, you help in rehabilitating and preparing the animal for adoption into a permanent home, as well as help prevent overcrowding in our shelter. 

Become a Foster Volunteer

Step 1: Fill out the Foster Application Form 

Step 2: Foster Volunteer Interview 

Step 3: Become a Foster Volunteer!

Unsure about Fostering? We’re here to help!

Unsure about Fostering?

We’re here to help!

You can also…

  1. Fill out the Foster Application Form
  2. Consult with our Volunteers

For questions, you can message us via Facebook/Instagram or send us an email: