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About Us

Where are your Shelters located?

Our Shelters are located in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, and San Jose del Monte, Bulacan. If you wish to visit our rescues, kindly please book a visit here: Our Shelters

How can I get to your Shelters via Public Transportation?

Bulacan Shelter:

1. From GMA-Kamuning Station, take a Bus going to SM Fairview/Tungko

2. From SM Tungko / San Jose Del Monte, take a Tricycle going to Tierra Fontana 12 Waves Resort (Pawssion Project is on the same street)

Bacolod Shelter:

1. Go to Burgos Ride Granada and go down at the Granada Brgy. Hall

2. Take a Tricycle going to the area behind the La Salle Ecopark (Balay Pawssion)

What are your Official Social Media Accounts?
  • Instagram – @pawssionproject
  • Facebook –
  • YouTube –
  • Twitter – @pawssionproject
  • TikTok – @pawssionproject
  • Lyka – @pawssionproject
What is the Process to Volunteer at the Shelter?

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with us! Our volunteer process can be found at: Volunteer for Pawssion Project

How can I have an Official Partnership with Pawssion Project?

Thank you for your interest in building a partnership with us! You may follow through our process to become an official partner at: Become a Pawssion Project Partner!

We appreciate all the assistance we can get, and look forward to collaborating with different businesses willing to extend assistance to our furry friends.


What is your Adoption Process?

Our adoption process consists of 3 simple steps!

    1. You may start by finding a list of our rescues at: Our Rescues
    2. Once you feel ready to welcome a new family member to your home, you may fill out our Adoption Form. An Adoption Coordinator will then contact you for an interview.
    3. Once you pass our screening process, you may schedule a shelter visit to meet our loving rescues, and take home your new best friend the same day!
What are the Requirements to adopt?

We do not have specific requirements, just that you pass our detailed Adoption Screening Process. Rest assured that all details you share with the team will be kept confidential and will only be used to assess your compatibility with our Rescues.

But all we really ask from potential adopters is a lifetime commitment to consider our rescues as part of the family. This means ensuring their well-being at all times, and providing them with a loving environment for life. 

Is there an Adoption Fee?

Please note that starting Jan 2022, we will be implementing a PHP1,000 ADOPTION FEE to help with the upkeep of the shelter and also to cover what we have spent for the rescues’ rehabilitation. We also want to make sure that our adopters have the capacity to meet the needs of our rescues, who we all treat as family.

What are your Rescues’ Breeds?

Our rescues are proudly Aspins and Puspins! They are all unique in their own special ways, and we are excited for everyone to see their lovely personalities. More than a dog or cat’s breed, physical characteristics, and/or age, we suggest exploring their temperament to ensure their compatibility with your family and lifestyle.

Can I adopt if I am far from your Shelters?

Due to limited resources and manpower, we are unable to accommodate if the adopter is unable to pick up their chosen rescue from our shelter.

If you are unable to visit the shelter due to distance, we highly encourage adopting from your nearest animal shelter or a local city pound. Send us a message and we are more than happy to provide suggestions regarding animal facilities you can adopt from near you! Better yet, give a stray a chance and welcome one (or two) to your loving home!

Do you deliver/transport Rescues to their Adopters for free?

We can only accommodate transportation in certain circumstances, such as if you already visited the shelter (or have been to an in-person adoption event), and formed a special bond with your chosen rescue previously. You may raise this question with your assigned adoption coordinator, and if applicable, we are more than happy to provide you with some options.

I'm from Abroad and want to adopt. How can I start the process?

Thank you so much for your willingness to adopt!

In order to help you prepare for this decision, kindly familiarize yourself first with the Requirements for Transporting a Rescue abroad. Please note that the process will vary depending on the destination. It can take almost 4 to 6 months before a rescue is ready to fly out to his / her new family.

All related costs to the whole process are to be shouldered by the Adopter. The Pawssion Project Team can provide groundwork and paperwork assistance if needed.

If you feel like you are ready for this, you can start the process by submitting an Adoption Application here


What name should I indicate upon transferring to your Bank Accounts?

You may indicate “Pawssion Project Foundation Inc.” for our Union Bank account.

For BPO and BPI, you may input “Ma. Lourdes Perez.”

What are your Official Donation Platforms?

Our official donation platforms are as follows: 

  • Paypal
  • Union Bank 0027 9001 8188
  • BPI savings 0251 0007 37
  • BDO savings 001960685005
  • Gcash: 0977 821 0271 – Ma. Lourdes P. | 0928 997 1868 – Elena B.
  • PayMaya: 0977 821 0271

Pawssion Peers:


For tracking purposes, kindly send your proof of donation to: 

What In-Kind Donations are needed? Where can we send them?

Our wishlist for in-kind donations and where to send them can be found at: Help at Our Shelters

Do you have QR codes for your donation platforms?

Yes, we have QR codes for our G-Cash accounts, as well as BPI and BDO. They can be found at: Donations for Pawssion Project


What does Sponsoring a Rescue entail?

Sponsoring a rescue means supporting your chosen rescue’s needs while they await their forever homes. Your monthly support would help us with our rescues’ rehabilitation, and rescue operations and other shelter needs.

What is the process to Sponsor a Rescue?

You may find our sponsorship process and rescues up for sponsorship at: Sponsor-A-Rescue   

How much is the Sponsorship Fee?

Sponsorship fee is a minimum of ₱1, 000 (~$20) per Rescue for one month. This fee would cover a rescue’s daily food, medication intake, and other needs while being rehabilitated.

Rescue Assistance

Do you rescue?

At this time, our rescue operations are on hold as we strive to improve shelter conditions, and continue with the rehabilitation of more than 500 rescues under our care.

However, we are more than willing to provide assistance as much as we can, considering there is already a concrete plan for the animal in need (i.e., who will shoulder the expenses, and where to bring the animal upon rescue and after being cleared at the vet). Kindly please provide us with details, so we may know how to assist you further.

How can I request for rescue assistance?

You may send us a message on our social media platforms or fill out a contact form at: Contact Us.

Please note that we cannot accommodate all rescue requests due to limited manpower and resources. Please include as many details as possible. If this is an emergency situation, we encourage reporters to bring the rescue to a nearby veterinary hospital.

What is your Shelter Acceptance Protocol?

Accepting new Rescues cases at our Shelters are the most challenging because these are animals who we usually find in dire or critical situations. They can come with an array of health problems so it is crucial that we take the necessary steps to ensure the healths of our current rescues are not compromised.

Our first step is to always bring our rescues to the vet to make sure they are cleared from sickness. But if we find that they need further treatment or they test positive from Distemper or Ehrlichia, we have to either: urgently find a foster home or; confine the rescue with the Vet. 

This is the same support we ask from people asking Rescue Assistance. If they can already shoulder all vet expenses and make sure the rescue is properly healed, we can help with using our Social Media Platforms to look for adopters.

Rescue Protocol:

  1. Fully Vaccinated (8-in-1 + anti-rabies for dogs, 4-in-1 for cats)
  2. Tested Negative from Distemper and Ehrlichia
  3. Spayed / Neutered and fully healed from Surgery
  4. Health Clearance from Vet
How can I report an Animal Cruelty Case?

For cases of animal abuse, please seek assistance from your barangay/PNP/NBI or call 911 to report the incident. Secure evidence such as photos and videos and find witnesses willing to testify and file an official complaint to help move the case forward and ensure justice.

Pawssion Project is not a government agency and does not have the authority to persecute suspects. Because animal cruelty and pet neglect are criminal offenses, they must be reported to the authorities.

More details from PAWS:

How can I report a Pet Neglect Case?

For owned pets, the first step is to talk to the owners and educate them on Responsible Pet Ownership. You also need to get their explicit consent that they’re willing to have their pets adopted, otherwise it can be considered trespassing or robbery.

Unfortunately, we cannot just confiscate animals from cruel or neglectful owners as we are not a government agency and does not have the authority to do this. Because animal cruelty and pet neglect are criminal offenses, they must be reported to the authorities by calling 911 or your barangay.

How can I report Dog Meat Trading Cases?

If you suspect someone is participating in the dog meat trade, please call 911 or report them immediately to your barangay or the police.

The Animal Kingdom Foundation also accepts reports on suspected dog meat trading:

Pet Owner Concerns

Can I surrender my pets?

We strongly discourage pet surrenders since pet abandonment and irresponsible pet ownership are the root causes of stray overpopulation. Thousands of abandoned pets/strays are euthanized every single day. For this reason, we strongly encourage exerting all possible efforts to keep your pets or rehome them to trusted individuals, since they truly should be regarded as part of the family. And family means nobody gets left behind.

Can my pet stay at your shelter temporarily?

Our shelters serve as temporary homes for rescued animals requiring rehabilitation. We unfortunately are unable to provide boarding services. We suggest finding a foster home or a boarding facility for your beloved pet prior to going on your vacation. We truly appreciate you not resorting to pet abandonment!

My pet is exhibiting aggressive behaviours. Can we surrender our pet to your facility?

We strongly discourage pet surrenders since pet abandonment and irresponsible pet ownership are the root causes of stray overpopulation. We strongly encourage finding the root cause of their behaviours. Neutering your pet can resolve aggressiveness as well. Kindly consider consulting an animal behaviourist, or searching on the internet how to use positive reinforcement to address undesirable behaviours. Sometimes, all it takes is spending extra time with your pets to address such concerns.

Help! My pet got sick but I cannot pay for his treatment. Can you adopt him instead?

We are sorry to hear about your pet’s poor health. In your case, we advise fundraising for your beloved pet, and seeking assistance from other animal welfare advocates by posting on different animal groups. Aside from asking for monetary assistance, you may also seek tips and guidelines on how to manage your pet’s condition from other pet parents. It is best to include as many details as possible regarding your pet’s condition. However, we strongly advise seeking veterinary care, since veterinarians are the experts and your pet would have the highest chance of survival if given the appropriate treatment. We hope this helps and we are sincerely hoping for your furbaby’s fast recovery.

Still have questions? You can email us at: or via the Contact Form.

For urgent concerns, please send a message to our Facebook page for guidance on the appropriate next steps:

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